Tired achy, swollen legs and feet, it’s only a matter of time, right? Why not start your pregnancy as you mean it to go on, by taking care of you, first and foremost?

milkteds® maternity compression wear range offers you the ultimate indulgent experience with the opportunity to do something about the swelling in your feet, ankles and legs before it happens. The swelling is triggered by increased pressure on the large veins in your groin, which occurs as your baby grows. Water retention adds to the problem, which is common during pregnancy affecting over half of all pregnant women.

milkteds® compression socks and tights gently push the fluid away from the area not allowing it to settle in your lower limbs and so prevent fluid build-up. We have literally thought of everything for the mum-to-be, with maternity socks (regular and open toe), tights and leggings to complement your every need. The luxuriously comfortable experience of wearing milkteds® compression with our innovative 3D knit technology with micro massage on the sole of the foot, and unique milk fibre yarn will be most appreciated by you, particularly as the day wears on (as swelling tends to worsen throughout the day) and as your pregnancy progresses.

For him – Just so your other half does not feel left out, whilst you are enjoying the luxury of your milkteds®, he too can enjoy a product from our signature range of everyday compression socks, assuming of course, he does not NEED a pair of maternity ones too to combat the symptoms of his sympathy pains! (view the ‘everyday’ range). We would encourage you both to continue to wear milkteds® once your baby has arrived to carry on enjoying the many benefits compression wear brings with everyday use.

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