Prepare yourself to be spoilt!

The milkteds® outdoor sock is pure indulgence. In designing the product for this range, every single item that puts you off donning the walking boots and braving the elements only to come home with sore and heavy feet, ankles and legs has been addressed, leaving you with no excuses, sorry!

Gone are the achy limbs and arches, friction and blisters mid way through your day and rubbing around the toe and heel areas.

The luxuriously comfortable experience of wearing milkteds® compression with its innovative technology, and exclusive milk fibre yarn will be most appreciated by you during your outdoor activity. milkteds® patent pending technology has tackled all of these problems. Our outdoor compression sock is a fusion of design, technology and advanced manufacturing techniques using anti-blister multi-zonal protective mapping (AMPM)™ technology with added terry cushioning throughout the sock to support and guard against blisters as well as corrugated channels in the arch of the foot to promote ventilation thus creating the next generation of outdoor walking socks. Your improved circulation whilst wearing a pair of milkteds® outdoor compression will leave you feeling lighter with reduced fatigue whilst remaining energised throughout the day.

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