Did you know there are considerable health benefits to routinely wearing socks with built in compression? Not only do they help to increase the blood flow through the veins in your legs, they could also help prevent unsightly thread veins and varicose veins, particularly for people who spend time sitting or standing. Some people mistakenly think ‘compression’ is for others, who perhaps have health problems or wear compression occasionally when flying. Here at milkteds®, we believe everyone should be wearing compression, all day, everyday.

We have created a unique range of unisex compression socks in a range of fashionable colours.

Unlike other compression socks, milkteds® offers an unparalleled wearer experience not available elsewhere, with superior comfort for everyday use. Our innovative 3D knit design, unique milk fibre yarn and micro massage technology on the sole of the foot amongst other features provide a level of luxury in compression, previously only dreamt about.

Let milkteds® socks and tights do all the hard work, as they work silently in the background to keep your feet, ankles and legs invigorated. milkteds® gives your circulation a boost whilst you are going about your everyday business leaving you more energised when you get home to do more of the things you love at the end of a hard day’s work.

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